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In these next pages, you will find the whole of my bibliographical refenreces which allow me to write the texts and commentars you find on this website.

I own all the books you may see in these pages? Sometimes I buy new ones, sometimes on second hands and also sometimes i received them from the author or the editor.

So, you will find here behind several books categories due to the topic of the books. I made these categories totally arbitrary. Sometimes a book is on the frontier to be put into one or another category. Its possible that you thing that my classification may be wrong. Please forgive me for this mistakes, but it's only my own point of view about these books.

This book list is not fixed and will evolve with the next books i'll get.

The Project Beauceant has a privileged partnership with the Online Store (in its french version) "Amazon". Because of this partnership, you will be able, if the books are avalaibles in this store, to buy them following the links on the books pages.

I did not agree with the content of all these books, but I think that it's essential to show you as most as possible so that you may make your own opinion about the Knights Templar and their History.

History of Middle-Age History of Crusades Castles of Crusades
History of Templars Names of Templars Preceptories of the Templar Order
Templars and Economy The Trial of Templars
History of the Order of the Hospital of Saint-John Preceptories of the Order of the Hospital of Saint-John History of the Teutonic Order
Castles and Fortresses of the Teutonic Order The other military Orders
Novels and comics
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