Philippe de Milly or Naplouse (1128??-1178)

Translation : David COBBOLD

Master of the Temple from 1169 to 1170.

Philippe de Milly was the eldest son of Guy de Milly.He was born a ‘Foal’, which is to say a Christian born in the Holy Land.

Before settling down in the Holly Land Philippe’s father participated in the First Crusade beside the Duke of Normandy.
Married to a rich heiress, Philippe became lord of the cities of Kerak and Montreal, both located in Arabia Petra, at the South-East end of the Dead Sea. Philippe exchanged the lordship of Montreal with King Amaury for the lordship of Naplouse. That is where he derived the name Philippe de Naplouse.

Becoming a widower, Philippe left his lands and entered the Order of the Temple in 1168. he was elected Master in January 1169.
To the King of Jerusalem, Amaury 1st, the election of Philippe de Milly, sounded the renewal of a strong relationship between himself and the Order. The previous reign of Bertrand de Blanchefort as Master of the Order had somewhat damaged that relationship.
The relationship was strengthened but Philippe de Milly resigned in 1171 and retired to a Cistercian convent.
The death of Philippe de Milly is noted in one text as being April 1178, but other historians, suggest he died in April 1171, just after he resigned.

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